Jndia Erbacher

Drag Racing

A Drag Race is an acceleration sport which is delivered between two vehicles. They go, from a standing start, on a straight and level racing surface, the "Dragstrip" accelerating to cross the finish line in less than 5 seconds. There are two standard lengths for a Dragstrip, either a quarter mile (402.34 meters) or a 1000 FT (304.80 meters). There are about 20 different classes in which the vehicles line up according to classification. 


The origin of the Dragstersport lay in unlawful street races in the USA in the end of the 40s. Today Drag Racing still shows clearly it's origin: two vehicles side by side, waiting for the green light, which signals the start of the race. 


The first legal quarter mile race took place in April 1949 close to Santa Barbara in the USA. As in America the so-called "Wild Runnings" were also run in England, already by the end of the 50's and before the foundation of the various associations. In June and August of 1964 the first officially organized drag race, by the BDRA (Brithish Drag Racing Association founded in 1964) in a place called Gravely.  The first permanent race track on the island, Santa Pod which celebrated its 50th year with the European Finals in September 2016. It concerns a retired US-air base in Podington. Why Santa Pod? The name of the first Dragstrip in the USA was Santa Anna. 


Today the season for the FIA/FIM European championship encloses six race running in Great Britain, Sweden, Finland and Germany.