"Already i was infected at a very young age of 3 weeks old for the first time with the virus of Drag Racing."

Jndia Erbacher

The most important facts about me

Age:  25                                                             
Birth Place:                Basel Switzerland    
Living Place: Aesch/BL Switzerland
Education:             Business basic education incl. occupational schoolleaving exam
Hobbys: Drag Racing, Fitness and Modeling                                                                               


Season 2016: First race in A-Fuel in Las Vegas
  2. Place in Hockenheim (DE)         
  4. Place on Euro Finals in Santa Pod (GB)
Season 2017: Licensing in Top Fuel
    2. Place on first race in Top Fuel in Hockenheim (DE)
  5. Place in Tierp (SWE)
Season 2018: New personal TopSpeed 297mph/478kmh
  New personal Best time 3.99 Sek.
  5. Rank Main Event (E)
  5. Rank Hockenheim (D)
  2. Rank Euro Finals (E)
Season 2019: second fastest time in Europe 3.817secs
  speed record Europe 318mph/513kmh