"With us sponsors are a family if they want"

Jndia Erbacher

Sponsoring opportunitys

Sponsoring in Drag Racing is mostly an affair of the heart. My sponsors are integrated into the team. They can take part actively in the racing events if they want. Especially at Hockenheim, I offer the sponsors a unique access to my favorite sport. 


This special connection is nowhere to be seen in the racing circus as with Drag Racing.


  • Advertisiment on the Dragster
  • Advertisiment on the racing suit
  • Advertisiment on the helmet
  • Advertisiment in the truck
  • Advertisiment on tem shirt
  • Car can be used for advertising purposes (e.g. exhibitions, fairs......)
  • Represent on web page, Herocards, pamphlets, clothes.....
  • Represent on Social Media Platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat)
  • Media presence (DMAX Reality Soap)
  • Advertising videos
  • Presence America und Europe (Co-working Erbacher Racing team)
  • I am available for Shootings, measuring, talks etc.
  • The individual form from advertising possibilities (for all other ideas we are open)
  • Their web page's link on the sides

We organise your company event / product promotion on our races.


Sponsoring- Werbemappe DEUTSCH
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